Haystack: A Personal, Intelligent, Indexing System
Eytan Adar

This paper is a technical discussion of the work done on Project Haystack. Haystack provides the software mechanisms necessary for a user to index relevant information on their personal computer (or workspace). The intent of this system was to provide a means by which a user could easily and intelligently access information stored on their local system as well as remote servers. Through Haystack a user can also annotate archived data with their own descriptions and comments. Haystack is currently in its first semi-public release for Unix workstations. The work done on Haystack was the result of the effort of a number of people at the LCS and AI labs. This paper describes the work done on Haystack as a whole, as well as my personal involvement in the project.

Available as: Postscript (523kb), Gzipped Postscript (67kb), and PDF (56kb)

Adar, Eytan, "Haystack: A Personal, Intelligent, Indexing System," Advanced Undergraduate Project, Laboratory for Computer Science, MIT, December 1996.